My Baking History

My name is Elysse. For as long as I can remember, baking has been a passion of mine. My first memories are watching the Food Network as a child with my mom and forcing my family to eat little cakes I made using my Easy Bake oven. From there it became entering a baking contest in elementary school as well as hosting a bake sale to raise money for hurricane victims. Throughout the years, I have become a self-proclaimed baker and designated dessert maker for birthdays, holidays, and get togethers. There is nothing I love more than creating desserts for others to enjoy. For 27 years, I let my anxiety and fear stop me from following my dreams. I am so happy to officially say I have my dream job as a baker and bakery owner.

2 year old me

Why Butter Bakery?

27 year old me

The name Butter Bakery comes from a love of butter. My whole family loves butter, but it all started with with grandma. When my mom was growing up, her mom (my grandma) would bring her own container of butter to restaurants because they never supplied enough. Growing up, I remember my grandma spreading so much butter on her bread when we had family dinners. Bread wasn’t the only thing they would put butter on though. My mom was raised putting butter on pizza! When her and my dad were dating and he witnessed them butter their pizza, he was in shock. He still makes fun of her for it to this day. It will forever be a family joke. Although the habit of putting butter on pizza was not passed down to me and my sisters, the love of butter was. I truly believe butter makes everything taste better. More butter is more better.